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As a faith-based institution
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Director of Communications
John Pickering

Post by Josaia Naulumatua Rayawa
19 January, 2019

Allow me to present this from a different angle. Put aside for the moment that we are also taxpayers and just consider yourself as bible believing and faith-based individual for now.

As a faith-based institution we just need to be gently reminded, and jolted if need be, that the "ball is really in our court". If the answer to the Education policy dilemma is to pursue privatization to ensure that the next generation contribute effectively to a society better than today, then have the faith to stand on it and build up on that vision. A faith driven approach allows us to "render only to Caesar what is Caesar's and to God what is truly God's". Without the faith to stand up, we only have ourselves to question and not the state. We can't blame the state for being the state. To use a referencing from the Bible, for us to rely on the state to carry a faith driven vision, will be like 'putting new wine into old wineskin', knowing it will burst anyway.

St Paul aptly reminds us, " Without faith, No man can please God". When God is pleased, He moves mountains, even moving the heart of Caesar . But only when our faith is put into action.

Governments all over the world, in general, only understand the power of voting blocs. The voice of the voting bloc can only be heard clearly through faith. They will respond when that voice of faith is heard in the form of a voting bloc. Other than that, everything else is mixed messages out there in the real world.

Put faith into action. And yes, I do support the Archbishop's view but it is not his view alone that will get things done. The body needs to carry its own vision and not expect the state to do so, irrespective of the fact that we may be deemed loyal taxpayers. Regardless of your political afilliation, our paying taxes is a responsibility of a citizen. You render it to Caesar anyway.

As followers of Christ, lets ask ourselves, do we really believe God can do it? My take is that if we believe then we will see. Our dilemma is perhaps we want see first, then believe. As we can see, the "new wine" is already spilling because we are pouring our trust into the state.

We need wisdom too.

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